Replay with sound

Screen sharing just went holographic.

Vidrio puts your webcam stream behind your windows. Then you share or record your screen — suddenly, your holographic screen floats between you and your audience. You gesture with your hand, and their heads follow. Vidrio makes for effortlessly engaging screen sharing. Now free for COVID-19 remote working.

With Vidrio

With generic competitor

For screencasts

Sick of making screencasts with your face sitting sadly in the corner? I'm sick of watching them, too. Up your game with a holographic display. Works with QuickTime, and all other screen recorders.

For remote presentations

Zoom? Skype? … BlueJeans, really? Whatever your company is using, Vidrio works with it. In these times of COVID-19, stand out above your peers’ remote presentations.

As a mirror

Sometimes I leave Vidrio on while I’m working so I can look at my beautiful face. It also detects people snooping over your shoulder, so you can scrap that privacy filter on your screen.

Works with everything, including …

Made with Vidrio

Check out some of the magic holographic screencasts that screencast wizards have made with Vidrio. Yes, I've prioritized my own screencasts. I hope you like learning about garbage collection.

Want your video included? Ping me on Twitter.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“Oh damn that's genius”

“How am I only just now seeing this?! You can tell it’s a good idea because of how incredibly obvious it seems in retrospect — I had never thought of doing screencasts this way before, but like 5 seconds in it was readily apparent that all screencasts should be more interactive/narrative/expressive like this.”

some YouTuber. I made up the star rating.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“Works exactly as described”

“Particularly useful when attempting to give a presentation over Zoom or Hangouts. Really great way to make remote screen shares much more personal and expressive, recommend!”

Kevin and Jonathan on Product Hunt. Totally not my friends.

Vidrio - Holographic screencasting app for Mac. Free for COVID-19 | Product Hunt Embed Vidrio - Holographic screencasting app for Mac. Free for COVID-19 | Product Hunt Embed

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“Simple and effective”

“It does exactly one thing, and does it seamlessly. Super useful for presenting remotely or on a shared screen.”

muzfuz on the Mac App Store.

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For the young screencast wizard on a budget. Perfect for casual Zoom and YouTube.

“Made with Vidrio” watermark.

Limited support (but we still love you).

Download the Mac App
Now free for COVID-19.


Power features for professional wizards. Perfect for Sales and Support calls.

No watermark.

Dedicated account manager (hint: it’s me).

$9.99 $0/mo
Download the Mac App


Military-grade encryption. HIPAA compliance. Audit logs. Nope, we don't have any of those.


Opacity slider

Sometimes you want to just show your screen. Sometimes you want to just show your face. And sometimes in-between.


It's mute for your face. Use to occasionally show off your screen with no interference. Unpause, and Vidrio is back.

Keyboard hotkeys

A true magician never reveals. You don't want to mess around in the menu while you’re presenting. Professionals use the keyboard.

Webcam selector

Too many webcams? Using an external webcam? Select it with the menu. Remember, Vidrio is best with a webcam above your screen.

Dark mode?

My friend Luís uses Vidrio to dim his screen when sitting in a dark room. Yes, this is a stupid use of the product.

Frequently asked questions

How do I use the keyboard shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts are very BETA. But if you want to try them out, open Security & Privacy, and add Vidrio to the Accessibility list. Open Vidrio, and try:

fn + control + p to pause/unpause

fn + control + 0 to reset opacity

fn + control + + to show more screen

fn + control + - to show more face

fn + control + ] to show only screen

fn + control + [ to show only face. But be careful with this one, because it will make your face completely opaque, so you can't see your windows!

Is there a Windows version?

Not released yet, but it’s in the works! I want to have the beta out within a few weeks. Stay tuned! If you want to stay up-to-date, follow us on Twitter or join us on Slack.

Is there a Linux version?

Not yet ... stay tuned, I’ll get there. Poor Linux users always have to wait until last.

Can I download on the Mac App Store?

You can, but I recommend downloading the .dmg. The Mac App Store version is usually older than the .dmg version, because I update it less frequently, and it has to go through review.

I get an error: “Vidrio can’t be opened ...”

Open Security & Privacy, and set “Allow apps downloaded from” to “App Store and identified developers”. Alternatively, you can install from the Mac App Store.

I noticed a translation error, or I'd like to translate Vidrio into my language.

Great, thanks! You can email Jim, or tweet at Jim, or contribute on GitHub.