Reflections on screen-sharing

On the Vidrio blog, you'll find company news, release notes, customer stories, and essays on the future of screen-sharing.

16 Sep 2020

Vidrio for Windows v0.10: a new weathercaster look!

Fetch your green screen (or blue screen, or any other color!), check "Chroma key" in the Vidrio control window, then open — congratulations 🎉, you're now a weathercaster! And unlike old-time weathercasters, you can change your size and position with the swipe of a slider. The unique advantages of...

14 Sep 2020

Vidrio for Windows v0.9: move/resize!

With v0.9, you can move your face around your screen! Click “Move/Resize” or hit ctrl + alt + R, then use the mouse to drag your face around! This lets you use Vidrio for a more traditional “webcam in the corner” look, which can be more appropriate for some kinds...

10 Sep 2020

Vidrio for Windows v0.8: an animation and a bug fix

Pause/Resume now has a lovely fading animation. Shouldn’t everything be animated? A bug-fix: it is no longer possible to open Vidrio twice. If you try to open Vidrio while it’s already running, it will just focus the control window for the running instance. You probably prefer this behavior. If not,...

09 Sep 2020

Vidrio for Windows v0.7: Pause/Resume

Vidrio for Windows now has a Pause/Resume button in the controls! You can use this when presenting busy or intricate content, or during a part of the presentation where your webcam video is not needed. This is tied to a global keyboard shortcut: ctrl + alt + p. Vidrio now...

08 Sep 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.22: virtual camera support!

Vidrio for Mac now works with virtual cameras. This lets you use new video sources, and new filters, in Vidrio. For example, you can now use Iriun Webcam to use your mobile phone’s camera instead of your built-in camera, or Masks in ManyCam for crazy special effects! Here’s me presenting...

31 Aug 2020

Vidrio for Windows v0.6: performance improvements

Vidrio for Windows would previously request the highest possible resolution from your webcam. In some cases, this would lead to poor performance (high latency, low frame rate), for very little gain in quality. As of Vidrio for Windows v0.6, Vidrio for Windows requests a more appropriate resolution, meaning low latency...

17 Aug 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.21: a new weathercaster look!

Fetch your green screen, check "Remove background" in the Vidrio menu, then open — congratulations 🎉, you're now a weathercaster! And unlike old-time weathercasters, you can change your size and position with the swipe of a slider. The unique advantages of Vidrio are still present in the weathercaster look:...

17 Jul 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.20: custom keyboard shortcuts!

Vidrio’s keyboard shortcuts have been completely rewritten, and are much friendlier! 🎉 Previously, Vidrio’s keyboard shortcuts were hard-coded. You can now customize the keyboard shortcuts in the new Preferences window. If you’re using another application with keyboard shortcuts, you can set Vidrio’s keyboard shortcuts so that they do not clash...

01 Jul 2020

Vidrio for Windows v0.5: switch webcam!

Many of you have a plethora of webcams: virtual webcams, multiple displays with multiple webcams, and front-facing and rear-facing webcams. Vidrio for Windows 0.4 would just select a default webcam. The most requested feature is now here: you can switch webcam using the drop-down in the Vidrio UI. Remember: Vidrio...

01 Jul 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.19: a bug-fix

This was a small bug-fix release! Nothing to see here.

06 May 2020

Vidrio for Windows v0.4: first public alpha!

The technical foundations of Vidrio for Windows have been laid. Versions 0.1 to 0.3 were private alpha. Today’s version 0.4 is the first public alpha, available for everyone. It’s missing many features of Vidrio for Mac, but the core functionality is there: a holographic display that you can use with...

30 Apr 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.18: two more translations and a bug-fix

More translations!: Rizo contributed a Ukrainian translation! Дякую тобі! 🙏 Torkel Spindler contributed a Swedish translation! Tack! 🍻 We also fixed an obscure bug: under certain unlikely conditions (such as having the local time set incorrectly), Vidrio would crash due to modifying the UI on a non-main thread. It now...

27 Apr 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.17: multi-display support!

Significant new feature alert! Many of you folks use multiple displays, but Vidrio didn’t play nicely with them. It would just display on the first screen it found, with the size of the display with the current keyboard focus. Rather odd behavior, and the only “workaround” was to unplug your...

24 Apr 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.16: more graceful authorization handling

Some of y’all were denying Vidrio access to the camera when launching it. It should come as no surprise that, without access to the camera, Vidrio can’t work very well. Still, Vidrio used to react rather passive-aggressively to you denying camera permissions: it would just quitting without telling you why....

23 Apr 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.15: two more translations!

More translations!: Luís Fonseca contributed Portuguese translations! Obrigado! 😍 elmaco1979 contributed a Spanish translation! Gracias! 🙏 And some internal changes for nerds: we eliminated most unsafe Swift syntax forms, such as try!, as!, and optionalValue! force-unwrapping. We also eliminated most uncaught exceptions. We now have verbose error message boxes for...

06 Apr 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.14: a Chinese translation!

Another translation: swiknaba contributed a Chinese translation! Xièxiè! 🤩 And an internal change: I was previously passing around indexes into an array of devices, using NSMenuItem.tag. This was quite hairy. Now I use NSMenuItem.representedObject, which is a bit nicer. Also, the code was not gracefully handling failure; now it makes...

04 Apr 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.13: three more translations!

Wonderful people have contributed more translations!: HIBIKI-CUBE contributed a Japanese translation! Arigatō! 🤩 Anya Zenkina contributed a Russian translation! Спасибо! 😻 Clemens Lange contributed a German translation! Danke! 😊 Tiny change: I distinguished the word “update” from “upgrade”. You update from v1.3 to v1.4, but you upgrade from Free to...

28 Mar 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.12: an Italian translation!

Damiano Donati contributed an Italian translation! Perfect for all the Italians dutifully working from home! Thanks Dam 😊 I separated the “Watermark” feature from the Free/Pro distinction. Some people using the Pro plan (like me!) actually want to keep the watermark, to help spread the word! Internal changes for nerds:...

26 Mar 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.11: an onboarding window

During usability testing (i.e.: watching people use Vidrio), I noticed that for new users, it wasn’t at all clear what you’re supposed to do. “Okay, it shows me my face. How do I control it? What do I do next?” Vidrio now has an “onboarding” window. When you launch Vidrio,...

26 Mar 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.10: translations!

Sophie Lantreibecq contributed a French translation of the in-app text! Thanks!! 😊 Vidrio is now i18n..ized (?), and you can contribute more translations here! Added a “Help translate” menu item. Should encourage people in other lands to help improve the app!

25 Mar 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.9: dark mode support

Fixed Vidrio’s icon for dark mode! Vidrio’s icon was previously black-on-transparent. As you can imagine, in Dark Mode, this made the icon nearly impossible to see. As a result, some people couldn’t find how to quit Vidrio, and had their face showing forever. Ouch. Added a “watermark” feature that says...

25 Mar 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.8: now remembers your webcam

In v1.4 we added a “switch webcam” feature, but it didn’t remember your choice: when you restarted Vidrio, it would revert to the default webcam. How annoying. But now, Vidrio remembers your webcam choice! Thanks Kevin Norman for advocating and testing the feature 🥰

23 Mar 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.7

Nothing much happened here, to be honest. Please move along and have a nice day.

21 Mar 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.6: an upgrade prompt

The Vidrio menu now shows the running version, and checks whether it’s running the latest version. If it’s not the latest version, it prompts you to visit the website to upgrade.

21 Mar 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.5: keyboard shortcut for pause

I added a keyboard shortcut for pause/unpause. It’s Fn+Ctrl+p. Fair warning: keyboard shortcuts are still very beta. Stay tuned.

20 Mar 2020

Vidrio for Mac v1.4: Switch webcam!

Added a “switch webcam” feature! If you have multiple webcams, you can choose the preferred one from the Vidrio menu in the top-right. Remember: Vidrio works best with the webcam directly above your shared screen. Internal changes for nerds: Finally upgraded to Swift 5.