Vidrio for Mac v1.21: a new weathercaster look!

17 Aug 2020

Fetch your green screen, check "Remove background" in the Vidrio menu, then open — congratulations 🎉, you're now a weathercaster! And unlike old-time weathercasters, you can change your size and position with the swipe of a slider.

The unique advantages of Vidrio are still present in the weathercaster look: you can gesture and interact naturally with your presentation; you can present any apps on your computer; and you can give your presentation via any screen sharing or recording software.

Vidrio’s original holographic look works well for many types of content, and it sure looks cool. But it can interfere with complex visuals, or require you to design your content to work well with it. Not ideal! The holographic look isn’t going away, but the new weathercaster look opens up fresh possibilities. You can present complex visual content without interference. You can move yourself to the side of the content, instead of moving the content to the sides of your screen.

For the best background removal, To achieve the best background removal, we recommend using a professional green screen, and ensuring that the screen is well lit with bright, white light.

Vidrio’s new green screen feature is currently BETA. Let us know what you think — you can use the (new!) feedback button in the Vidrio menu, or email Jim.

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