Vidrio for Mac v1.9: dark mode support

25 Mar 2020

Fixed Vidrio’s icon for dark mode! Vidrio’s icon was previously black-on-transparent. As you can imagine, in Dark Mode, this made the icon nearly impossible to see. As a result, some people couldn’t find how to quit Vidrio, and had their face showing forever. Ouch.

Added a “watermark” feature that says “Made with Vidrio”. You can turn it off in the Vidrio menu. If you leave it on, it’s a nice way to spread the word about Vidrio to the people watching your awesome presentations.

Removed some misleading “keyboard shortcut” text. Vidrio previously showed keyboard shortcuts like “⌘P” in the menu, but these only worked while the menu was focussed. This is not how Vidrio is intended to be used. Vidrio has a different keyboard shortcut feature, which lets you use Fn+Ctrl+p (et cetera) to control Vidrio, whichever app you currently have focussed. This feature is currently beta -- stay tuned!