Vidrio for Windows v0.11: automagic background removal! ✨

07 Oct 2020

Select "Automagic background removal" in the Vidrio control window, then open — congratulations 🎉, you're now a weathercaster! No green screen required (but if you have one, we support that too!).

Zoom popularized “virtual background”, letting you replace your background with an image or video. Now, Vidrio lets you replace your background with your desktop background, so you can share and present any applications on your desktop!

This release also lets you choose your webcam resolution. For best performance with automagic background removal, we recommend selecting “Lower resolution” video. For the classic “hologram” look, higher resolutions can provide a wider-angle view for presenting.

Vidrio’s automagic neural networks figure out which parts of your webcam video are background. The neural networks are pretty smart, but not perfect. To achieve the best quality background removal, we recommend using a professional green or blue screen, lit with bright, white light.

Vidrio’s automagic background removal is currently BETA. Let us know what you think — just email Jim.