Vidrio for Windows v0.12: integrated screen recorder! 🎥

20 Oct 2020

Previously, if you wanted to record your Vidrio presentation, you would have to use an external screen recording program. But Vidrio for Windows 0.12 now has a built-in screen recorder, so everything you need is now in Vidrio!

To use the screen recorder, hit the “Start Recording” button in the Vidrio control window. Or to avoid seeing this configuration at the start of your recording video, you can use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + alt + R. To finish the recording, just do the same. Vidrio will then show you the recorded file.

Before you start your recording, select your preferred microphone from the drop-down in the Vidrio control window.

(Note: “Move/Resize” was previously bound to ctrl + alt + R. As of this release, it has been moved to ctrl + alt + M, so we have sensible keyboard shortcuts for moving and recording.)

Vidrio’s built-in screen recorder is currently BETA. Let us know what you think — just email Jim.