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Vidrio for macOS

Vidrio 1.20+ requires macOS 10.15+. If you are on macOS 10.14 or older, you can still download Vidrio v1.19 here.

Vidrio for Windows

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Vidrio for Windows works on Windows 10+, on x86 processors. If you need support for other platforms, let us know.

What's new?

18 Dec 2020

Vidrio for Windows v1.0! 🚀

Vidrio for Windows finally hits the big v1.0! It's got everything you need to make awesome presentations on Windows: background removal, screen recording, and solid performance and stability. Thanks to all of the alpha and beta testers along the way!

  • The “Pause/Resume” button has been renamed to “Show/Hide”, to reduce confusion with the screen recording feature. The shortcut has changed to ctrl + alt + S, which also helps to fix clashes with keyboard shortcuts in Firefox and GoToMeeting.
  • A performance improvement: if not using background removal or the X-Ray Pointer feature, Vidrio will show camera video frames directly, and skip our OpenGL effects pipeline.
  • The X-Ray Pointer feature is off by default. This feature makes most sense with the “weathercaster” look, which Vidrio does not (yet) default to.
  • A bug fix: if your preferred camera is not available on start, Vidrio will choose the next most suitable camera. (Previously, it would show an unhelpful error message.)
  • Internals: better telemetry for when stuff goes wrong. We’re pretty confident in Vidrio’s stability at v1.0, but this gives us even more confidence, and more information to fix any bugs and crashes.

As always, let us know what you think — just email Jim, the Vidrio founder.

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