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Vidrio for macOS

Vidrio 1.20+ requires macOS 10.15+. If you are on macOS 10.14 or older, you can still download Vidrio v1.19 here.

Vidrio for Windows

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Vidrio for Windows is still in beta. This means your feedback is especially valuable: please report any bugs you find!

What's new?

01 Dec 2020

Vidrio for Windows v0.16: X-Ray Pointers! 🔦🦴

When presenting as a "weathercaster", you could sometimes block the presentation for your audience. Vidrio for Windows now has a unique solution to this problem: the X-Ray pointer! When you move your mouse pointer around, it will reveal your presentation, using the power of X-Rays! ⚡

The X-Ray pointer feature is optional: you can enable or disable it with the checkbox in the control menu.

Smaller features, bugs, and improvements:

  • The control window now has a “minimize” button. (Previously, the only way to hide the control window was to put another window on top of it.)
  • Bug fix: the control window and onboarding window no longer have ugly scrollbars.
  • Bug fix: Ctrl+W no longer closes the control window.
  • All video is now drawn with OpenGL, with updated GLSL 3.00 shaders.
  • Error reporting is improved: errors will be reported to the user with a stacktrace, instead of silently failing.

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